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    Dynamic Transitions Ltd™ focuses on developing leadership talent and creating tailored leadership solutions in organisations of all shapes and sizes, across all industry sectors.

    Our forte is working with Troublesome Talent™ or talented mavericks if you prefer, turning these people around so that they end up fulfilling their true potential meeting both personal and corporate objectives in realistic time frames.

    We also work with managers making the transition to leaders as well as hidden talent. Some companies that we have worked with have asked us to stretch and challenge their high potentials or leaders' thinking. This is often because the company has made it their priority to concentrate on developing their leadership talent to increase the company's profitability.

    By entering into strong working relationships with the best in the field Dynamic Transitions Ltd™ extends it's offering into working with dysfunctional teams or newly formed teams to accelerate business success, personal effectiveness of teams and individuals, creating the buy in of teams and leadership development. We continue to work one to one with individuals as well.


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The ability to apply social intelligence to your leadership capabilities will guarantee your success


I am a speaker, writer, consultant, and trainer on leadership issues.

Our business is called Dynamic Transitions Ltd™ which focuses on developing leadership talent specialising in helping senior executives manage their mavericks. We develop leaders with our strategic management, executive leadership programmes, speaking engagements and tailored interventions with individuals and teams.

A particular speciality of the business is working with Troublesome Talent™. This is the type of person who is recognised as being a maverick - hugely talented but difficult to manage. They often complete targets and objectives with ease but cause enormous problems with colleagues and peers in the process. All the while being loved by the customer.

We often get involved where there is a dilemma - 'Do I sack or do I develop?' Sacking can be a very expensive option, not least due to the disruption to the business. We find it easy to turn these people around so that they end up being less disruptive and more productive.

I believe that Talent Management is the way forward for all businesses.

Management is fine as far as it goes; but leadership is the way to win - Jack Welch

I graduated from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (GCIPD) in 1998, and became a Chartered Member (MCIPD) in 2000 and a Chartered Fellow (FCIPD) in 2005. I am also a Member of the Chartered Management Institute (MCMI) and a trained NLP Executive Coach.

Prior to entering the HR profession (where I worked in a number of industries at Director or Senior Management level), I spent 8 years working in various business roles within the Insurance industry. This enabled me to develop a keen business perspective and orientation.